Nora Parry.

travel agent san franciscoNora Parry

Travel Consultant
San Francisco, CA
[email protected]

Nora Parry is a Travel Consultant at KK Travels Worldwide. The youngest of seven children growing up outside of Chicago, Nora was greatly impacted by her adventurous and dynamic family and developed an eagerness to explore the world beyond her hometown at a young age. She attended prep school in the northeast and earned her undergraduate degree from Trinity College, during which time she had the opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy and travel throughout Western Europe. Nora began her career at a public relations agency in New York City specializing in the luxury travel segment. Led by her yearning to seek new adventure and give back to the global community, Nora left the corporate world to volunteer at a nonprofit organization in Nepal. She gained unforgettable experiences immersing herself with the people and their culture, which ultimately inspired her to create a socially-conscious jewelry line that gives a portion of the profits back to the Nepalese NPO. Nora’s creativity, constant curiosity and appreciation for understanding different people and cultures allow her to curate unique and memorable itineraries for her clients.

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