Ioana Brooks.

travel agency san diegoIoana Brooks

Senior Travel Consultant
San Diego, CA
[email protected]

Ioana Brooks is a Senior Travel Consultant at KK Travels Worldwide. Her interest in different cultures was sparked at an early age while spending summers with her grandparents in Romania and exploring other parts of Eastern and Western Europe on family trips. As an undergraduate at Duke University, Ioana spent a semester abroad in Brisbane, Australia, during which she travelled around Australia and New Zealand. During law school, Ioana completed a summer program in International Law in Amsterdam, and after graduation, she spent three months travelling around the world. Before becoming a Travel Consultant, Ioana practiced law for a number of years in San Francisco. Ioana’s attention to detail, honed as a litigator, coupled with her passion for travel, allow her to create seamless and unforgettable experiences for her clients.

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