Cameron Kluttz.

travel agent new yorkCameron Kluttz

Travel Consultant
Greensboro, NC
[email protected]

Cameron Kluttz is a Travel Consultant at KK Travels Worldwide. Growing up, Cameron had the opportunity to travel and explore the world and she relished these experiences that shaped her view of the world and fueled her passion for travel. After graduating from North Carolina State University with a degree in Public Relations, Cameron moved to Washington, D.C. to work for a PR/Event Planning firm. Cameron then spent six months abroad in Melbourne, Australia taking in the culture and traveling around the country. Upon return, Cameron transitioned into the travel industry, working for an agency specializing in corporate meeting planning. Throughout her years, she has always had a passion for travel and a desire to learn about and experience new destinations around the world. Cameron’s attention to detail and exceptional customer service experience along with her strong organizational skills and planning experience are evident in each trip that she creates. Cameron has a love for building relationships with her clients and creating memorable experiences for adults and families alike.

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