Alexandra B. Stuebe.

travel agent nashvilleAlexandra B. Stuebe

Travel Consultant
Nashville, TN
[email protected]

Alexandra B. Stuebe is a Travel Consultant at KK Travels Worldwide. Known to many as “Zane,” she joined the KKTWW team after 6 years at one of the largest and most established travel agencies in the US where she honed her travel planning skills and destination expertise. Her love of travel was cultivated from an early age through her globetrotting grandparents, deepened during a semester abroad in Florence, Italy while at St. Lawrence University, and has only continued to grow through many immersive trips throughout her career in travel. An ocean-lover, New Englander by birth, and former longtime NYC resident, Zane brings deep industry knowledge, keen attention to detail, and a thirst for adventure to each itinerary she plans.

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