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KK Chronicles: Christina Dabney

Christina Dabney

Finding a trusted advisor can be tricky and travel is no exception. As the new generation of travel advisors, KKTWW is dedicated to delivering a safe and seamless travel experience while crafting meaningful memories for our clients. How do we do that and how does it set us apart from the rest of the industry? It’s not as simple as offering good service and some added hotel benefits. With visits to over 100 countries (on all 7 continents) and a combined 150 years of valuable industry experience, our talented team of travel professionals offers an unparalleled expertise and a unique ability to exceed expectations through a thoughtful and collaborative approach.

We understand travel planning can be extremely personal, which is why we’ve launched our KK Chronicles series so you can get to know our advisors and get a glimpse into what they’re seeing in the ever-evolving luxury travel industry. Keep reading for our interview with Christina Dabney, one of our top travel advisors based in London (and in case you missed it, check out our previous interview with Ioana Brooks, too!)

You’re based in London & the UK is one of the first countries to reopen—what are you most excited about?

It has been a difficult past couple of years and while the vigorous lockdowns in London (and all over the world) were tough and our industry took a huge hit, I am feeling more positive than ever for the future of the travel industry. I have never seen such excitement for travel, and I am so grateful to be able to help clients create even more special, and long-awaited, memories.

What’s your personal favorite hotel in London and your favorite European getaway?

While there are so many incredible hotels in London, I would have to say my personal favorite is Rosewood London. The hospitality/service is second to none and you cannot beat their one of a kind Scarfes Bar with the best live music and atmosphere – truly an experience I recommend to anyone and everyone visiting (or living) in London.

Living in the UK provides so many opportunities for quick and convenient getaways whether it be a long weekend in the countryside, exploring the charming villages of the Cotswolds or hopping on a quick flight to amazing destinations in Europe at generally a low cost. More specifically I have found myself flying back and forth to Italy quite often as most flights are under two hours and well, Italy is hard to stay away from!

We heard you just got engaged (congrats!). Have you already planned your honeymoon? Where are you going?

Thank you! Candidly speaking, I have been so busy assisting my clients with the bucket list trips that we had to put on hold for the last couple of years that we haven’t had a chance to start planning! I have a feeling we will end up honeymooning in Southeast Asia. I have always wanted to explore more of the region due to its incredible hospitality, unique culture and luxury properties.

The logistics of traveling are still a little challenging—how do you help your clients navigate this tricky time? Any specific tips?

Given the ongoing uncertainty and continuous changes as it relates to travel restrictions, I have realized travel professionals are more necessary than ever. While it has definitely made for a more challenging and time-consuming role, it’s fulfilling to have the ability to provide my clients with an added peace of mind. By keeping in close contact with our partners on the ground globally we can ensure we provide the most up-to-date travel requirements, resulting in a seamless travel experience.

My main tip at the moment is to USE A SEASONED TRAVEL PROFESSIONAL!!! There are many more considerations when it comes to travel these days and it is imperative to have access to current information in order to ensure a smooth experience. A dedicated and trusted travel professional will be there for you every step of the way and even help you navigate any obstacles that could arise while during the course of your trip.

The Caribbean is particularly popular at the moment. What is your favorite Caribbean Island to visit and plan KKTWW trips, and which island do you consider underrated?

I would have to say that St. Barths is my favorite. I have been lucky to spend an extended period of time on the island (living there for a couple of months during the Summer of 2020) as well as visiting several times with friends and colleagues. I greatly enjoy planning trips to St Barths for clients who have never been to the island as they are always blown away by its natural beauty. I also enjoy pairing St Barths with Anguilla, which has become a popular honeymoon destination combo for my clients.

What advice do you have for travelers who have never worked with a travel professional before? Are there specific questions you usually ask a new client on your first planning call together?

You won’t regret it! Now, more than ever, we provide our clients with unique added value, not only navigating uncertain times but ensuring expectations are still exceeded in every way.

Every client’s travel style is different— I first like to understand how best I can add value to each of my clients based on their preferences and needs. It’s important to understand how they envision spending each day of their trip, and whether they are seeking an action-packed adventure, a relaxing reset, or something in between.

How does working with KKTWW elevate the travel experience, and what sets the company apart from the rest of the industry?

Working with KKTWW provides you with bespoke first-hand travel expertise to ensure you get everything you are expecting and more out of your travel experiences. Due to our exclusive memberships with hoteliers and suppliers all over the world, we are able to provide our clients with special perks and amenities as well as VIP treatment throughout your entire travel journey. KKTWW is constantly evolving and growing to stay at the top level of the luxury travel industry. With an incredible team of travel professionals whose wide variety of travel experiences span across the globe, we truly have something for everyone searching for an unforgettable luxury travel experience.