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Holiday Travel Tips & Tricks

KKTWW - Holiday Travel Tips & Tricks

Although many avid travelers will be staying home for the holidays this year, our team of expert advisors are here to share a few last-minute travel tips! Check out our top tricks to staying safe and healthy during this holiday season!

Stick to Your Testing Timeline.

Many destinations require a negative covid test result for entry. Minimize pre-travel stress by creating a covid test timeline and ensure you have adequate time to obtain your test results. Travel requirements are changing frequently so check in with your KKTWW travel advisor to reconfirm what’s needed for your trip.

Give Delta a Whirl.

Studies show there is an extremely low chance of transmitting covid on a plane thanks to industrial-grade HEPA filters that extract more than 99.99 percent of particles from the air, but we’re still loving Delta’s decision to continue blocking the middle seats through March for your added safety and peace of mind.

Hand Sanitizer Heaven.

While all other liquids are limited to the usual 3.4 ounces, TSA has upped the limit for how much hand sanitizer you can bring on a flight. Germaphobes, rejoice!

Wipe Your Worries Away!

Studies show that an airplane’s headrest and seatback pocket are the germiest surfaces of an airplane. Avoid using the seatback pocket and be sure to bring plenty of disinfecting wipes for your headrest, seatbelt, and seat.

BYOB (Blanket, that is).

While most airlines have stepped up their cleaning game this year, if you tend to get chilly on flights, we recommend you Bring Your Own Blanket to ensure your cleanliness standards are met.

Hydration Station.

There have been many questions surrounding the quality of aircraft drinking water so skip the in-flight coffee or tea and grab a bottle of water prior to boarding!


Want to have the whole plane to yourself? There’s no time like the present! Chartering a private flight is a smart and effective way to reduce health risks and ease your concerns. Contact your KKTWW travel advisor or email and one of KKTWW’s Air Specialists will be delighted to assist.