Ashlyn Sargent.

travel agent Savannah, GAAshlyn Sargent

Travel Consultant
Savannah, GA
[email protected]

Ashlyn Sargent is a Travel Consultant at KK Travels Worldwide. Growing up, Ashlyn was always inspired by an innate desire to explore the world. Following graduation from the University of Georgia, Ashlyn gained valuable work experience in marketing, refining her abilities to accommodate the needs of her clients with tailored solutions. Guided by her curiosity of new international experiences, Ashlyn decided to move to South Korea. She traveled extensively throughout Asia, Oceania and the Pacific Islands for nearly 3 years, thriving on both researching destinations as well as constructing detailed itineraries for her own personal explorations. It wasn’t long before Ashlyn realized she enjoyed the planning process almost as much as the trip itself, which ultimately led her to pursue a career in the travel industry. Ashlyn’s significant background in customer service coupled with an inherent passion for travel allow her to curate unforgettable trips that cater to each client’s individual wishes.

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